Services Include

1 Hour of AD Research

Clean, Gap, Test, Rotate Spark Plugs

Pre and Post Run-Up for Systems

Compression Check

Service Battery

Oil and Filter Change *

Air Filter Change *

Lubrication and Servicing of Pulleys, Hinges and Bell Cranks

Cleaning, Inspection and Repacking of Wheel Bearings

Landing Gear Extension/Retraction Test, if Required

Magneto to Engine Timing

Removal and Installation of Inspection Panels and Interior, as Necessary for Inspection

ELT Test and Inspection per FAR 91.207 *

Inspection of Aircraft

* LABOR ONLY – Any discrepancies found during the inspection that require repair will be an additional charge, billable at the current shop hourly rate, plus parts.

Why Dispatch Aviation?

Plane and Simple.

We go above and beyond the FAA requirements and take the time to really get to know your airplane, inside and out. The experience we offer will provide you complete confidence in your aircraft and set the bar for all future service expectations. At Dispatch Aviation, we will always treat your airplane like it’s our own.

Our aircraft inspection services are in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and are quoted as an estimate of the annual flat rate inspection only. Flat rate fees include labor for the inspection, required service, one hour of AD research, and completion of logbook entries. Any repairs or parts required to comply with Airworthiness Directives or recommended items will incur additional costs.

Required FAA inspections to routine maintenance, let our crew discover any issues before they cause you one.

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