Aircraft Consulting

Expertise Before You Buy

Navigate The Process

Eliminate Surprises.

Whether you’re purchasing an aircraft for your business or for personal use, buying an airplane is complicated and time-consuming. Dispatch Aviation can help you navigate the process and eliminate surprises. Our consulting services and pre-buy inspection, can help lower overall costs, increase safety, and reduce purchasing headaches. Our goal is to be a trusted part of your aircraft’s lifecycle, from pre-buy inspection through a full engine overhaul.

We understand that purchasing an aircraft is not only a huge investment, but it can be a time-consuming tedious process. There are tons of questions that need to be considered when determining:

  • What aircraft is right for my needs?
  • Tech tips on buying a used aircraft
  • What are the FAA requirements for certain models?
  • What is the maintenance downtime?
  • What to budget for an annual inspection?
  • Total time between overhaul (TBO) recommendations?

Like you, we are business people, and we approach aircraft ownership with a keen eye on productivity and efficiency. Having a pre-purchase inspection performed is crucial to spending less time in the hanger and more time in the sky. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to be a confident buyer.

We’re here to help you navigate the purchase process.